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GOP candidate plasters posters of Wendy Davis as "Abortion Barbie"

Put on your raincoats, I’m about to make it rain HAIL NO in here. Texas GOP candidate Greg Abbott’s campaign is suspected of* not denouncing the plastering of gross “Abortion Barbie” posters all over bus stops and phone booths. Wait, there are still phone booths? Or are those just private glass rooms in the middle... Read more »

Google search terms of pedophiles

“tween sluts” “sexy children” “Masturbating to Toddlers and Tiaras” “uncut boys” No, these are not musical numbers showcased in Coed Prison Sluts. They are search terms that have directed unwitting deviants to parenting blogs on ChicagoNow. We mommy bloggers fierce maternal writers of the Internet persuasion receive daily reports regarding the statistics of our blogs,... Read more »

Kitchen Knife Nannies: Worst. Trend. Ever.

When news came out about the horrific double murder/attempted suicide committed by a Manhattan nanny last week every parent I knew got the chills. It was an image impossible to shake: a trusted caregiver in your home, hunched over your own bathtub where your two precious children lay dead in a pool of blood. Surely... Read more »

Sexy Child: The Facebook hangout for child molesters - UPDATED

Hi there, pedophiles! I know you like to look for love on playgrounds and To Catch A Predator sets, but how about you social media nuts? Tough market for pervs these days, huh? Solution: Sexy Child, the Facebook page that features pictures of actual children doing normal children things like gymnastics and hanging out with... Read more »

Team Bullied: The anti-bullying project (PLUS: See yours truly squirm on video!)

Hello, patrons of the Internets. Today is the launch of a a project by my pal Carrie Goldman called Team Bullied. You can upload your own videos and watch videos of others on blogs across the webz today in an effort to stop the cycle of fear of bullying. Anyone who knew me in elementary... Read more »

Breastfeeding: School prohibits breast milk packed in lunch

A school in Mandeville, Louisiana might be losing a student after a mother’s request to pack breast milk in her daughter’s lunch box resulted in a war of words between the administration and the parents of a child enrolled for school this fall. The girl was planning to bring breast milk as a snack, but... Read more »

Bullying: How to prevent it

My family spent the past few days locked offline in a cabin in the woods. We breathed in nature, swam, played tennis, saw a goat, pushed the girls on swings and got spooked at Ripley’s Believe It Or Not. Ah, the Dells. Our wholesome annual tradition of posing as boozy gangsters After three days of... Read more »

Presented without comment: My commenters!

“Hey cunt can you stop barking? Thanks” “Chill the ‘f out, fatty. And no, you’re not fat because you’re pregnant. You were plenty fat in your vacation pics. And nice fat Mom swimsuit, too.” “You’re [sic] article is nothing more than a fear mongering piece of paranoid schizophrenic bullshit.” “I refuse to act civil with... Read more »

"Swastika on the ballot": American Nazi Party lobbyist registers in Washington

File this under Scary. Also, Things People Are Not Sufficiently Outraged About. Apparently on Tuesday, a new Washington lobbyist registered under the American Nazi Party. That’s right, the Nazis now have a lobbyist in Washington. You know, the guys who openly hate Jews and gays? Wow. The lobbyist, John Bowles, a 2008 “other” party presidential... Read more »

Kony founder Jason Russell: Naked meltdown, everyone being jerks

The co-founder of KONY 2012 apparently suffered from a Britney-level mental break and was arrested for drunkenly exposing himself in public last night. Oh, and of course TMZ has the video and it’s been making the rounds on not only gossip sites, but even feminist site Jezebel, where everyone is being a jerk. Since when... Read more »