"Music Store rescue" couple running a Go Fund Me racket

Are you guys following this "Music Store Rescue" story - the one about the Chicago couple, Suzzanne Monk and Alexander Duval, who supposedly got run out of business (Worlds of Music) due to their support of Donald Of Orange?

Maybe you caught their Fox & Friends interview where they were asked if anyone physically walked in to their store to harass them. The answer was that some "long time personal friends" came in to quietly offer support while a few other long time friends said they could no longer recommend their store due to the couples' choices.

So . . . no, no one harassed them in their business. No yelling. No bomb threats. No death threats. No protests. Literally nothing happening to them in Chicago at all. What fear they must feel.

Their Go Fund Me is up to $20k United States Currency.

So is that what we do now? We don't help the sick, or vote candidates into office who will. We fund Go Fund Me pages for special snowflake fraudsters who get their fee-feez hurt. We support people who hate the same people we hate. GREAT JOB, AMERICA.

What these old neighbors of mine* don't seem to understand is that they are the majority. They are white, heterosexual people with legal citizenship (thus, who have nothing to fear with the new administration) living in a diverse neighborhood. The people there are minorities of all stripes. Monk and Duval are free to vote as they want to, but the rest of us don't have to give them warm hugs if they loudly brag about wanting to deport, de-right and silence all the people cooking for their block party.

When you punch down, you are the bully.

Broadcasting their hateful vote in that area is like if someone said, "all in favor of throwing John into a hole, say 'aye'" and Suzzanne and Alexander are like, "AYE! . . . Wait, it hurts my feelings John isn't patronizing my business".

And then to make a Go Fund Me for themselves? Are you serious? If had a fund set up every time someone called me a name online, I'd be a rishhhhh bishhhhhh. Grow some skin, snowflakes.

Monk and Duvel need to, dare I say, face the music? [Chuckles in Nerd] And all you who donated to their Go Fund Me just got robbed because their business was failing way before this. Nice scam, Worlds of Music.


*This couple happened to live right across the street from me when I lived in Andersonville. #CoolCoolCOOLFACTS


UPDATE- Suzzanne Monk implied that meanies from the internet outed her political opinions in the neighborhood, thus the decline of her (already failing) business. BUT. I found a receipt here that shows Ms. Monk is happily showing her ass in public about the matter. Observe:



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