Ghost stories my kids came up with tonight

Our family loves telling our own bed time stories. The girls are at that age where they are old enough to articulate their thoughts, but they still believe in magic. Also, ghosts. Too bad pops wasn't home, or he would have riffed on that tornado idea. All we need is a banjo and we're a regular variety act! Anyway, for your very slight amusement, here are the dumm (AWESOME!) stories we told tonight in honor of Halloween.

Balloon Ghosts

By Stella, age three

There once was a haunted house. Some kids wanted to catch the ghosts inside, so they stuffed pieces of candy inside empty balloons and laid them on the floor. Ghosts love candy! The kids waited with flashlights to see what happened. Finally, the ghosts crawled inside the balloons to get the candy and the kids ran up, tied the balloons closed and trapped the ghosts inside. Then they had a parade, but someone felt bad for the ghosts being laughed at, so he popped the balloons and the ghosts were free again.

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 8.09.40 PM

Two Ghosts One Basket*
By: Bee, age five

Two ghosts, Ade and Cade, went trick-or-treating. They didn't have a bucket to put candy in, so they decided that one of them would knock on doors and the other one would fold himself up into a basket. (He's a ghost, he can change his shape.) So they trick-or-treated all night long with Ade carrying Cade around and filling him with candy. When they got back to their house, however, all the chocolate pieces were gone. Ade was like, "what happened to all that candy we got?" and Cade explained that the bottom of the basket happened to be his mouth.  Theeee end.

*Mom helped with the title

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The Ghost Town

By: Mom, age = old

Once there was a town of all ghosts. They had stores full of cool stuff and a ghost post office (The Ghost Post) and a school (The Ghoul School) and everything was pretty normal, considering. One day some rude humans rode through town and didn't see anyone. They were pretty confused because there was all this fresh bread and pretty dresses in the shops. Since "no one" was around to see them, they thought they could get away with stealing all the town's goods.

The ghost police officer caught wind of this and blew over to see the criminals for himself. When he tried to stop them though, the hooligans just thought a gentle breeze was blowing past and they kept on loading their car with trinkets.

The ghost townspeople thought and thought about how to stop the thieves. Suddenly, one of them had an idea! They all joined hands and spun around in a circle like kids singing Pop Goes The Weasel. They spun faster and faster until their little breezes combined into a big whooosh of wind and made a tornado. The thieves were scooped up and ejected out of town.

The end.

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