Donut shop bans fat-shaming toddler for asking lady if she's pregnant

"Is there a baby in your belly?" Nope, just donuts!

Apparently at a donut shop named Doughnut Inn (Does one sleep there? Are there donut - excuse me- doughnut pillows? Does Homer Simpson turn down guests' sheets with his glazed fingertips?) in Monroe, CT, a 4-year-old boy was banned after asking a customer if she was pregnant. Unfortunately for all involved, the answer was no. The roundness of her midsection was merely the earmark of a lifelong love of pastries.

So, are we just banning kids for asking questions now? I was on the other end of this once. My first baby was about four months old and I took her to story time at the library. Some other mom was like, "oh! You're expecting again?" Yes. I got pregnant again while I was pushing this one out. We were a real sight to all the nurses but we have no shame! #DuggarNation

I didn't march to the library security desk and demand this woman be thrown out. I cried in my car and quit wearing t-shirts like a normal person. Seriously, do I look pregnant in this? I have to ask that every time I go out now. What about from the side?

Brief list of things kids are not allowed to do:

- Eat in public if not shrouded in under fabric, 1000-degree summer temps irrelevant

- Breastfeed in bra stores

- Have diaper changed in locker rooms

- Cry in fancy places

- Cry at daycare

- Cry on busses

- Cry on planes

Use plane restrooms

- Possibly go to museums

Wear sleeveless shirts

- Wear normal face to KFC

I get that parents can be rude and irresponsible, but I'm pretty sick of kids not being allowed to be anywhere or do anything or I guess ask questions because the world doesn't want to see or hear from them. How are kids supposed to be socialized if you keep them locked in bubble wrap in your basement until they're 18? They'll finally trot out as physical adults and have no idea how to navigate in public spaces. They'll just start chewing on everything and communicating in grunts. Grown men will throw tantrums due to having never dealt with other people who are not their mom. Wait.

Dear lady in the donut store who got her feelings hurt: Grow up. He's a kid and he was curious. Quit taking crap like that personally and if it means so much to you, explain to him why that is a rude question.

Now if you will excuse me, I'm going into labor with a burrito.


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