Sorry, the TRUMP sign is not "like the Hollywood sign"

This guy. Donald Trump is building a giant monument to his peen new skyscraper in Chicago and he's littering it with 20.5 foot high letters that spell TRUMP. People hate it because Donald Trump, but his response is oh, "it's like the Hollywood sign". HAHAHAHA!

Things that are like the Hollywood sign:

- Iconic things

- Charming things

- Things located in mountains

- Things that are nods to the character of an entire town by name of one neighborhood

- Things people can sit on

Screen Shot 2014-06-07 at 10.10.26 PM


Things that are not like the Hollywood sign:


People have been calling the Trump sign "vandalism" and "graffiti". I'm going to call it gross, egotism, and whatever word means when a dog pees around a tree to mark its territory. Stop spraying Chicago with your name litter, Trump! We get it. This is your tower. Your town. Let's just change our name to Trumpcago and call our team the Chicago White Trumps. Maybe CPS can switch to a school uniform policy: squinty eyes and swoopy haircuts. They'll have to change their enrollment policy of course. Long form birth certificates will now be required to do anything in Chicago.

Rahm Emanuel, YOU'RE FIRED. This is Trump's town now. Wait, why am I the only person upset about this? People are so afraid to rub powerful people the wrong way. What is Donald Trump going to do to me? Not pick me for Miss USA? That ship has sailed, babies.

[Edit - Although if I had my own building, I'd probably write, "Jenna wuz here" across it, so maybe I shouldn't be too harsh. I'd make it pink and probably dress it in loud fabrics. The Donald, call me!]

Maybe the giant TRUMP sign will be like the Hollywood sign after all. That one used to say "Hollywood land" before "land" fell off. Come on. I dare you to knock the "T" off TRUMP. Rump. 

Do it for Chicago.

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