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Sorry, the TRUMP sign is not "like the Hollywood sign"

This guy. Donald Trump is building a giant monument to his peen new skyscraper in Chicago and he’s littering it with 20.5 foot high letters that spell TRUMP. People hate it because Donald Trump, but his response is oh, “it’s like the Hollywood sign”. HAHAHAHA! Things that are like the Hollywood sign: – Iconic things... Read more »

Gun control starts with self-control

A few weeks ago, my husband noticed one of his employees had a bandage on his arm after an absence. The guy was shot during a game of basketball in his neighborhood and when Niko asked him why he thought he was a target of violence, he said, “oh, some kid was trying to prove... Read more »

Crap, I offended the guests, didn't I?

You recognize this feeling from college. You’re half asleep. The inside of your head sounds like a didgeridoo. You’re pretty positive you had a great time last night, but no examples are springing forth. You were hanging out in your yard with some new friends, saying God knows what to them. A vague terror creeps... Read more »