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How men can REALLY support breastfeeding

There’s a new campaign starring dads and it’s about . . . breastfeeding. It’s called Project Breastfeeding and the aim is to show dads who support their partners in this sometimes-rocky nutritional choice for their baybays. Okay. I’m game. So what is the execution of this campaign? Well, that’s where things go awry. It shows men... Read more »

I banned my kids from playing this mean game

I usually stay out of my girls’ interpersonal affairs. I’m just not settling who gets to be what princess or whose turn it is to be the doctor. I have Facebook to check I mean coffee to drink I mean, work to do. However, I do always have an ear to the ground. When I walked... Read more »

How to get a baby to sleep

If you’re here because you googled “how to get a baby to sleep,” you’re probably an animated undead surviving on HGTV and the internet. Been there. Don’t give the baby whiskey or let it cry. I’ll walk you through this thing. (OMG! I just took a stance on cry it out. Quick, someone call the... Read more »