Bullied boy Grayson's school has a nasty "prayer" page full of venom


1. You'd expect a group called, "Prayers For Candler Elementary" to be . . .

a) Full of prayers
b) Full of nasty comments from adults calling a child "obnoxious" and his mother "white trash"

2. Prayers are supposed to be . . .

a) Earnest conversations with God
b) Backhanded vehicles to say things like, "praying that this parent will stop using her child to get attention!"

3. Say you used to be the principal of Candler Elementary, which is now infamous for siding with bullies who tormented a little boy named Grayson over his My Little Pony backpack. Would you . . .

a) Lay low
b) Post on Facebook that the kid was asking for it

Bev Collier, who identifies herself as the former principal of the school said,

"[T]here are some children who behave in such a way that sets themselves up to gain negative attention and this leads to bullying."

You mean, bringing a girly backpack? Because he was asking for it? Because he enjoys being punched, pushed down and called names? SOUNDS LIKE CHRISTMAS, BEV. But go on . . .

"The news media leads us to believe that the school ignored the bullying and focused on removing the toy that brought attention to the child that claims to be the victim of bullying."

Um, because that's what happened? As evidenced by their backpedaling?

This is the same school who banned Grayson's backpack because it was a "distraction" that lured the poor bullies to not focus on their education. The school's victim-blamey "solution" caused an uproar which spurred a Support For Grayson page (70,000 members and counting) and a Change.org petition.

Look, Candler Elementary, you're not going to win this one. The school made an error. It doesn't mean the world wants to roast you on a stick. It means you need to own your mistake, then set a precedent not to do that crap anymore. Wait. Actually, here are ten things you could do. What's not on that list is creating a prayer page full of insults and speculation. (Most hilarious quote: "Someone has to stand up for the school".) Yeah, no.

Bye, Prayers For Candler Elementary.

UPDATE - It appears this "prayer" page full of not-prayers is run by a school staff member.
UPDATE 2- The page has been taken down, or has gone to "secret" mode.



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