Awesome things about having all girl children

Since I have a newborn and two (barely) older kids, I'm basically in mom jail until 2018. Alinea? Kids at Elton John tributes? Lost on me. I just park it on the couch and yell orders to people.

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I suppose I do haul these people to dance class twice a week, which means I only spend the 548 remaining hours comatose and breastfeeding. So it was a big deal I took all three of my daughters to the movies by myself the other day.

Wait. Before you splatter your no-babies-at-movie-theaters rage on my new moo moo:

a) It was a matinee
b) It was a kids' movie
c) My kids behaved
d) There was only one other family in the theater and they also had a baby. It was like Fight Club for bleary-eyed new moms. Dark. Exciting. Everyone goes home to Ikea furniture.

As I was saying, this little jolt of "culture" (come on, it was a Disney movie) has affected me for several days. Going to the actual movies with a big screen and foldy seats and popcorn I didn't have to make was like finding yourself in The Louvre after a long childhood alone in the forest. Real people! And everything!

As anyone who has talked to me during the past three days (dance moms, mail man, husband, tiny sewing mice who help me with my housework) is aware, we saw Frozen. Frozen Frozen Frozen! Let's see if I can get it out of my system. Nope! FROZEN! I love this movie with my whole heart and even some of my toes. It's about two sisters. Oh, and one of them is named Elsa. Side story: We briefly considered the name Elsa for Boss, but I argued it didn't have enough "oomph". It appears I was way wrong about that. Anyway, this movie has sparked a bit of revelation about sisterly love and how lucky I am that all my girls have each other.

I just grew up with a brother. When it came time for me to have kids, I assumed I'd have one boy and one girl. Then when I wound up with two girls we thought surely there would be a boy in the grab bag that came next. Nope. More pink. No sons. I moped about this for a while, but I've come all the way full circle to rooting for yet another girl if I ever had the chance. (Not happening, just saying.) I may as well be a master of my trade, right?

Girls are just so great to have. A few things bug me about the experience, like when people make comments like, "just wait till they get their periods!" Um, excuse me? Why is this necessary? What if I said to a boy mom, "just wait till you have to wash all that jizz laundry!" Inappropriate, people.

Not that boys aren't fine and great too. It doesn't have to be us v. them. Those boys out there will eventually be my sons-in-law and I need them on my side so they don't move my daughters to Siberia and/and refuse to name their kids after me. (Come on, by 2040 Jennifer will be hot again. You know it and I know it.)

I'm sure there are plenty of things to read on the internet about the great joys of sons. Go read those articles or write them yourself. In the mean time, I present: The amazing things about having all lady babies . . .


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