Parenting: Five years is the time limit on screw ups

Welp, my time is up guys. My oldest kid turns five next week and according to an unofficial poll amongst my highly-not-scientific friends, this is the age when she will for sure remember things from now on. It's not that I hope she forgets everything before now, maybe just Miley Cyrus lyrics.

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 6.34.28 PM

From now on, I've got to shape up my mom game. Or maybe I should be focused on gathering evidence that my mom game is already top notch? Yes, let's go with this. I present, the pictures I will show my kid in 2025 when she rails that I am a terrible parent for taking her car keys because I'm not having THAT (whatever that is in 2025. Twexting? Swerking?).

That's right. We're straight OWNING this parenting thing. Don't forget it, baby.

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