EPA: Have fun getting diseases, poor people!

Despite the EPA stating in their own fact sheets (love diggin' those up) that a pesticide called glyphosate, the main component of Roundup, at levels above 20ppm causes reproductive problems and kidney disease, the EPA has doubled the allowable levels of that chemical in farm-grown foods. Why? Why would they do that? The short answer straight from a sourced named Mr. Duh: PROFITS. Profits, that is, of selling low-quality, poisoned food to people who can't afford an organic diet. So basically the EPA is saying, "Hi, poors! Have fun getting sick!"

Who makes glyphosate, anyway? Surely a reputable company, right? Surprise! It's Monsanto! The same company responsible for tumor-causing GMO corn and who takes American farmers to court over planting seeds in their own ground. Extra sneaky: When the EPA approved higher levels of glyphosate, they did not mention Roundup as not to arouse public suspicion.

The instinct is to get angry at Goliath. I mean, seriously, how dare the government and corporations go into cahoots to maximize profit and silently kill us. I'm not justifying that. These are some sneaky peeps. However, maybe there are solutions we do have control over.

It may be argued by some that food and water are not human rights, they are commodities like anything else that are afforded to those who "have". For argument's sake, let's posit that humanity is just over-populated and we eat too much as a species. There's only so much food to go around. The laws of economics will inevitably kick in. "We" can't keep up with our food demand the natural way, so we have to augment our crops with nasty chemicals to increase the caloric output of our arable land. [Play Stayin' Alive for audio effect, if you like.]

BUT WAIT. Two things are wrong here. First, we waste plenty of arable land on silly things like lawns and golf courses and two, our American diet is over-saturated with calories. Individuals can fix those things in our lives. We can beat Monsanto and the EPA by not playing their game of "I Can Only Afford Cheap Produce Because I Deserve Meat At Every Meal".

Hang on, what you're about to hear might hurt.

An organic, vegetarian diet actually costs less than a meaty, chemical-laden one. If you insist to have meat at every meal, yes, you're going to have to pay for that, either in disease from only being able to afford Monsanto crops or in dollars, from purchasing all organic produce and grass-fed beef. The truth is humanity doesn't "need" lush, grassy lawns or hamburgers. We need clean water, 1800 calories a day, a roof, pants, and plenty of hugs. That's it.

It's not right that the world seems to be conspiring against its people when it comes to food and water, but we can take control by reallocating our family budgets to exclude pricey meat and include organics.

I'll now duck and cover.

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 10.09.32 AM

Guys, I said PANTS.


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