Obama Gun Control: Pretty Kids = Finally Talking About Guns

It takes a hardboiled messenger to tell an unwitting person they came out of a crotch. "Oh . . . how did you get out of mommy's tummy? Babies come out of vaginas," doesn't seem like a polite thing to say to my curious four-year-old, but I said it because it's the truth. As Al Gore will tell you, that is not always convenient.

I'm a direct person. Want to know what's wrong? I'm upset you're home 46 minutes later than you said. Did the lady cut your bangs too short? Noooo, you're so Heidi Klum right now. (I draw the line at being rude). But I do give truth.

Obama proposed sensible gun control measures today - criminal background checks on all gun sales, ban on military-style assault weapons, limiting magazine rounds, penalties for gun trafficking. You know what? While I praise the President for reading my blog (I kid, I kid) it feels too late. What, gay marriage was an "okay" polarizing issue to tackle before an election but the millions of unregulated death machines littering our country is supposed to be shelved until a less personally shaky time?

These gun conversations and conclusions going on in the media are just common sense stuff that everyone's been too afraid to talk about until now. What has it cost us to wait? I guess the rich, beautiful, white kids at Sandy Hook are enough to push this country into finally gaining a modicum of sanity with the raging gun problem, but what about all the other victims? What about the brown faces and poor faces that have been suffering for decades with gun violence?

I just think it's despicable that a tragedy had to finally happen in the "one place" (Super Whitey Town, USA) we couldn't run and hide to any more to finally have proposals about gun control. I wrote about Sandy Hook when it happened and I expressed sentiments, too, that this is the first tragedy I couldn't brush under the rug. I don't go to midnight movies, I don't live in a bad neighborhood, I was old enough to run and duck in high school. As silly as those things sound, they're what we've all been using to insulate ourselves from the possibility that a gun could end our happiness as we know it. But then it happened on Wealthy Pretty Street to kids just a few years younger than the Columbine kids (with astronomically higher property values, just saying) and now all of a sudden we're ready for gun control conversations. What does that say about us? We're a bunch of racist, poor-hating, gun-happy, self-centered jerks, that's what. Good job, society!

I mean no disrespect to the monumental loss that occurred at Sandy Hook. The deaths of those innocent children were tragic and horrible. Little Emilie Alice Parker could have been my child. But that's just the problem - they looked like "our" kids and so now we (collective "we," don't go getting all defensive) care? It just doesn't seem right that Sandy Hook is the catalyst for conversations and proposals about gun control when the victims of other gun violence didn't deserve to die either. I mean, I'm glad it's happening at all, but it should have happened years ago.

Obama, you're on the right track, I just wish you had proposed gun control measures much, much sooner.


Yes, it's a tear. When it's gang violence in Chicago, I'm just wiping dust from my eye.

Yes, it's a tear. When it's gang violence in Chicago, I'm just wiping dust from my eye.

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