Google search terms of pedophiles

"tween sluts"

"sexy children"

"Masturbating to Toddlers and Tiaras"

"uncut boys"

No, these are not musical numbers showcased in Coed Prison Sluts. They are search terms that have directed unwitting deviants to parenting blogs on ChicagoNow.

We mommy bloggers fierce maternal writers of the Internet persuasion receive daily reports regarding the statistics of our blogs, so we see the Internet in a way most parents can't. The most anticipated info in these reports are traffic numbers and link sources. However, buried on page seven are the search terms that bring you fine folks to me. And every day some pedophile lands on my post about the unsavory baby-touching Facebook group we help shut down. Someone enters, "sexy child" into Google and gets an eyeful of my judgement staring back at them. Every day.

Probably 99 times out of 100, the peso-seekers realize this is not a place for salacious baby photos, so they run back to Google to cast their nets into the abyss of the Internet in hopes of catching a glimpse of nine-year-olds in swim suits. But today? Today was a new day. Today one of them spoke back to me and defended online pedophilia, if only the gazing variety.

Actual comment on this blog:

"At one point in time people used to degrade other people who felt a same sex attraction because they couldn't understand it. If people who feel attracted to children can fill their need by looking at gymnastics and bathing suit pictures instead of hurting children near them then why do you ridicule them?"

LOGIC FAIL. Adult same-sex attraction involves people who are capable of consent. All parties in adult same-sex relationships are capable of reciprocation, mutual satisfaction and are presumed to be on even playing field when it comes to the basic condition of being an adult. Any adult engaging in sexual activity with people outside of the umbrella of adulthood are deviants. Pedophilia is a psychiatric disorder. It is a crime. It is not a defensible life position.

The argument, "you can't help what you like" does not apply here. My buddy Curtis pointed out that some people "like" murder. Yes! Some people like cocaine. You don't get busted with blow and get to accuse the cops of discriminating against your desire to get high.

Parents, be very careful about what pictures of your kids you put online. Swimming photos, bath photos, potty photos, gymnastic photos - these are all adorable to parents and unfortunately, very exciting to certain strangers searching the Internet every day for them. You may think, "oh, but my Facebook settings are secure" but you would be wrong. Anyone can take a screen grab. A grandparent can forward a picture on to a friend, a friend can leave a browser open on a public computer, anyone can innocently forward an email and at that point, you have lost control of the photo.

I'm not advocating a tin-foil hat theory. For one, pictures of your kids' faces are ironically (probably) fine from a pedo perspective. Pedophiles are not interested in faces or fully dressed kids. I put pics of my kids on Facebook and even on this blog. Pedophiles are searching for skin. Literally. They want to see in children the same types of things normal people want to see on adults - revealing or tight clothing, bare skin, provocative poses etc.

A note to anyone who has stumbled upon this post looking for pictures of children for sexual gratification: Please seek help. What you are doing is not harmless. You are feeding a dangerous appetite and if you store explicit images of children on your computer, you are committing a crime. Call 1-800-521-7128 for referral to the best treatment option for you.

I'll never stamp out pedophilia. I'm a one mom shop. But if I can share this bit of search-engine knowledge with parents who don't see blog analytic reports with these disturbing search terms, maybe Chicago Now readers can keep their kids a little safer online.

Stay sane, Internet.


 A special thanks to Teppi and Shannon


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