How is Chicago celebrating the CTU strike? Cupcakes, of course.

Behind the grit of the Chicago Teachers' Union strike is the strong promise of change 'round here. As far as I'm concernd, the strike is just the inevitable hurdle of a city moving in the right direction. Education is important to our new mayor and of course, teachers care about teaching. Teachers are not, however, as some brainiac internet commenters suggest, volunteers or saints or magic workers. Teachers are human beings with families and bills. They can only do so much. They need manageable class sizes and their merit-based pay to account for the extenuating circumstances of their students. Also, the City of Chicago can only do so much. We're poor, people. A bald man can't walk into a barber shop and demand the Fabio.

Thus, the strike is just the intersection of lofty goals and budget concerns. Hey, shit happens. Chicago is a great place to live and we'll get it worked out. In the mean time, we may as well . . . celebrate? According to one Chicago baker, we should show our support with "strike cupcakes".

"Chicago Teachers Union strike cupcakes. Vanilla bean with a cinnamon buttercream frosting. Inspired by the men and women who stand up for our kids and Chicago schools every single day. We support you."

What next? Gun control-themed cake? On it!

The strike cupcakes are baked by Maddiebird Bakery and in the display case now at Metropolis at 1039 W. Granville in Chicago.


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