My little grandparents are just begging to be smoosh kissed.

My little grandparents are 83 years old and still live in the house they built with their own hands in 1952. Every time I trek the 14-hour round trip to see them I feel time taking them away from me. And yet they never change! Mamaw told me a story today about her apple tree that had been bare for 20 years and all of a sudden sprouted so many apples that the branches broke from the weight. Well, that was the end of the apple tree. But all I took away from it was, "how does someone outlive an apple tree"? Can you imagine living in a house so long the trees you planted completed their life cycle? It's like outliving God. What I mean to say is these people are OLD. I love 'em and I hope they're around another 83 years.

An anthropology book I read once called Mother Nature asked the question why most other species procreate until they die, and yet primates and humans live half their life beyond the time they have kids. The answer? Because grandparenting is so important! In our family's case, great-grandparenting is pretty clutch too.

Please gawk at these great-grandparents' cuteness!


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