Bride dies during tragic photography accident, Internet predictably terrible

Perhaps you've heard of the new cool thing all the brides are doing called "trash the dress" where sometime after the wedding, the couple gets dressed up in their wedding clothes again and well, trashes the dress for some artsy pictures. I wanted to trash my dress, but when I pulled it out of the box a few days before my anniversary, I didn't have the heart so I just took some pics of my kids and called it a day*.

A new bride in Canada was a little braver and waded into a river with her dress on, but as her gown became waterlogged,  the weight of the ensemble became unbearable and she drown to her death. Her horrified photographer tried to help her, but alas, she was pulled under by the deceiving current. He and another witness were treated for shock after witnessing her hellish, tragic demise. And then the story hit the internet.

Here is a sample comment written by an actual human being:

"This has 'Darwin award' written all over it. [...] I mean, tragic and all, but people dying for being absolute dumbasses is [low] on my tear-jerker scale."

The comments were so scathing and terrible on the local media outlet where the accident occurred that they were removed and closed. What is wrong with people? Look, I'm not always the nicest person in the world but I can't imagine writing horrible things about a person who just died, whose family was reading. It's just a sick world out there. The Internet is great for paying your bills online and managing your Netflix queue, but it seems to strip people of their decency the same way driving a car makes us insanely territorial. I'm convinced people are just rage machines and use the internet as a toilet for their darkest emotions. Not okay, humanity!

Look at this gorgeous lady who died trying to have fun. Why the h8terz gotta hate?


*I forgot if I posted this already, so just be a good sport and pretend you haven't seen it:


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