Team Bullied: The anti-bullying project (PLUS: See yours truly squirm on video!)

Hello, patrons of the Internets. Today is the launch of a a project by my pal Carrie Goldman called Team Bullied. You can upload your own videos and watch videos of others on blogs across the webz today in an effort to stop the cycle of fear of bullying. Anyone who knew me in elementary school knows my life wasn't a walk in the park and of course I have my internet foes (shout out to my blog trolls! Woo!) but the good news is there's Team Bulled to help. Also, home perms do eventually grow out.

Carrie interviewed me for her book, Bullied, that is part of this anti-bully effort as well. So! What does that mean for you exactly, besides seeing great videos on her blog and arming yourself with resources for the future? Oh, you just get to see me moving and speaking. Yes, I have peeked out from behind my keyboard. Go ahead, judge my nasally voice  . . . now:

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