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Breastfeeding: School prohibits breast milk packed in lunch

A school in Mandeville, Louisiana might be losing a student after a mother’s request to pack breast milk in her daughter’s lunch box resulted in a war of words between the administration and the parents of a child enrolled for school this fall. The girl was planning to bring breast milk as a snack, but... Read more »

Is "they're still alive" really a mark of good parenting?

An e-card is floating around the internets that declares, “Of course I’m a good mother. They’re still alive, aren’t they”. LOLZ. I mean, we may abandon our 19 kids in a heat wave or give our toddlers beer in a sippy cup or  leave them in crashed cars to get ice cream naked but hey, the... Read more »

An open letter to my dramatic 20-something Facebook friends

To my 20-something Facebook friends with endless relationship status updates: You there, in the somehow appropriate tube top and the duck face selfies, I’m sensing a little ennui. Is your boyfriend on-again today? I know yesterday he was out, but today there are lovey pictures and you say he’s the best. This makes me think... Read more »