Mom Q&A: How to get slaying skin

Several people have mentioned my skin after seeing me on Facebook recently. Just so you know, I'm no great beauty. I once had a guy stop me at a party and say, "oh! You have such a big ethnic nose!" He was a real charmer. Maybe homeless. Anyway, I'll try to class my act up around here and a) take a compliment and b) give honest advice when the opportunity presents itself so let's discuss my skin care regimen.

To quote a recent Facebook question:

From Shelly:

Hey, I'm curious what skincare line you use on your face. I use Mary Kay but thinking about switching things up...

Hi Shelly! Right now I'm using a line called PCA Skin, but I only use that in the weeks following a chemical peel facial treatment (which I had done Monday). It will eventually, well, peel, probably starting Friday. Most people begin peeling (like a sunburn) after only two or three days following a facial like this but I must be extra hearty or something. I use the facial wash, Apres Peel, ReBalance, and Silk Coat balm in that order, twice a day, followed by Perfect Protection SPF 30 in the morning.

All this crap sounds expensive, huh? Yay Groupon and the husband's money, am I right?! Kidding. Sort of. After the week of my peel is over, I'll include drug store stuff like L'Oreal Revitalift at night and RoC serum during the day.

Here is my normal, non-peel-week regimen of facial care in order of use:

- Cetephil Gentle Skin Cleanser

- RoC Retinol Correction Serum

- Right now I'm using Meaningful Beauty Antioxidant Day Creme SPF20, but once it's out, I'll go back to L'Oreal day cream because I don't like the Meaningful Beauty stuff. It feels like cheap sunscreen. You know, kinda gooey?

- Chanel Line Corrector when I go on dates, which is not often. I did somehow manage to go to dinner at Hot Woks Cool Sushi tonight! I'm pretty sure the sake did no favors to the skin I'm bragging about.

-  All my megapounds of make-up

At the end of the day, I torch myself and dance around in flames that I survived two toddlers. No, I take all that junk off again with Cetephil (no eye make-up remover! Sinner!) and slather up with the L'Oreal Revitalift. Then I slink into bed hoping my husband wants to come near this glamourous pile of shine.

I wish I could tell you eating vegetables, drinking water and drug store stuff was turning heads, but I'll just spell out my other secret weapon and hope you don't judge me. B-O-T-O-X. Twenty units, every four months. See? And you thought I was a real natural beauty who only relies on twig bark and Vaseline*.

Later my taters. You're lucky I've been drinking or I'd never tell you this.

Crap. Now you're going to see me in person and be like, "Jenna, you don't look like this picture. What HAPPENED? Sad."

*You did not think that.

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