Man who kills daughter's molester: Hero! [UPDATED]

A man on a farm in Texas was working when he heard the screams of his four-year-old child coming from the barn. When he rushed to find her, he discovered a ranch hand in the act of molesting her. Naturally, he pulled the man off of his child. Then beat him. To death.

No charges have been filed, but some people are hailing this guy as a hero, others are saying the father obviously committed a crime. I'm in the first camp. It was a crime of passion if it can even be considered a crime at all. Perhaps "passion of self-defense" is a better term. That father had every right to murder that bastard on the spot. I'm a short little lady, but I like to think I could grow ten feet and beat someone to death who harmed my child.

I'm not a lawyer, so maybe someone can chime in here and tell me: Does self-defense include defending your children? It should. I'm not one for guns and I don't condone going around murdering people who tick you off, but if a person's child is confronted with a violent attacker, it seem to only make sense that the parent coming to their aid is simply self-defense. After all, we are the legal guardians of our kids so defending their bodies in the face of an onslaught seems justified to me. I mean, what if that ranch hand had tried to sexually assault the father, got beaten and happened to die? What if the little girl had some sort of hurculean strength and managed to kill him herself?

As it turns out, the father is very remorseful about what happened and did not intend to kill the man. I say good work, pops. People who harm children, especially sexually, don't deserve one modicum of humanity.

UPDATE - According to the Huffington Post, the father of the year won't be charged. I never thought I'd say it, but God bless Texas. And that is coming from someone who would never own a gun, eat an animal or vote conservatively.


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  • I have to agree with he shouldn't be charged. No you shouldn't go around killing anyone, for any reason. The way I see it it, the father had to have been distraught and probably had gone temporary crazy. I truly can't see any jury convicting him.

  • I ditto Kittykat--it sounds like he temporarily went all father-he-hulk on the ranchhand. So, he has both self-defense (including of child) and temporary insanity in his favor.

  • He did what every father should do to protect his daughter when he finds this scum doing this to his daughter. He is the HERO of the year as far as I am concerned. I have a 3 daughter's and 2 granddaughter's and if I had found this scum doing this to my daughter I would only hope the good Lord would give me the strength to do the same. Any father that would not do the same is just about the same as the scum that did it. His daughter will never be the same for the rest of her life. I am a law enforcement officer with forty years of service and the only other thing that would be nice to see him go to prison and let those guy's get hold of him. They would make it go slow!!!!

  • "I never thought I'd say it, but God bless Texas. And that is coming from someone who would never own a gun, eat an animal or vote conservatively."

    Haha, Jenna! See, we crazy Texans have common sense once in a while. ;-) Some Texans are pretty cool (like me!!!) and don't own guns or vote conservatively. I think most of us still eat animals, though. But I digress. I've read comments from across the political spectrum, and almost everything I've read supports this father and his actions. If, God forbid, anything like this ever happpened to my child, I would hope for the physical strength to do the same, or hope my husband was around to do it.

  • In reply to HeatherS2008:

    I realize now this is not an "unpopular" opinion! When I tweeted the original story Monday and whipped up a draft, the internet support for this guy wasn't there yet.

    And no offense to you about the Texas comment. I love your perspective on most topics - we usually agree! Texas ought to make you governor.

    Heather for prez!

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