Don't rush the macaroni.

My little girls and I had our weekly lunch date at Target today. They each get a macaroni, I get a latte and we people watch. Today I learned my lesson that the "people" they are watching is me. Bee was dawdling, so in a moment of fear against the pee-pee/meltdown clock I said, "come on! Take a bite! Let's go!"

Then I got up to grab a napkin and I heard Bee say to her baby sister, "Come ON, Stewwa! Take A BITE! YOU'RE TOO SWOW!"

Hold up, wait. Is this the example I want to be? Rushing people through their meals and making them think they are "slow". If I drew a picture of the perfect mom I want to be, she'd be patient and respect tiny people as just that - tiny people with the same feelings adults have. I'd never ask a mom friend to take a big bite already so we can blow this joint and get back home where my Internet is and I can stretch out in my yoga pants. (Also, I'd draw this mythical mom with long, natural hair and rested eyelids.)

So we sat. I restrained my impatience. I had a running game plan in my head if a bathroom emergency or meltdown should ensue, but I didn't rush her. We all chatted and waited a whole 35 minutes for that child to eat her macaroni two noodles at a time. The best part? No meltdowns from the baby. No pee emergencies! Just slow, slow macaroni.

Can I keep this up forever? Will I always be so patient when there are two kids and schedules to consider? I can't promise. But today I did it and tomorrow I can only try to set the example I want to see*.

A rare photo of me with my kids since I'm usually holding the camera!

*Except when it comes to chemical treatments on the hair

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    Funny...I was thinking the same thing today. I'm such an impatient person. I think I'm probably gonna give my oldest son some sort of disorder from rushing him along. Kids just move at their own pace. During the school year, as I'm in teacher mode, it's something that's like second nature. Kids get distracted and move slowly. Heck...maybe they enjoy life more than we do. But when I'm in mom mode, I'm kind of a dictator. So I definitely feel your pain! Here's hoping we can slow down ;)

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    I think you're right hat it has something to do with summer. During the year, the rushing is warranted. We have places to be! But now, it;s just ole relaxin' summertime and here I am like, "EAT THE NOODLES, KID!"

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