Why are these baby pants lying to us?

Hey, here are some super cute baby pants for $25! Aren't they adorable? I mean seriously, the little European design, the bunny on the butt. Boy, nothing is too good for your kid, right? Nothing wrong with spending!



Well, you could always wait for them to go on sale at Zulily, as they do every few months. Then they become $10.99 cute baby pants plus $7.95 shipping. What a deal! So cute! You're the Queen Mom and still saving money!




Or you could just pay $3.49 with free shipping from China for the same pants on eBay:




Besides the fact that these pants literally stink because of some weird dye they use in China (hey, what do you expect for $3.49 pants that ship anywhere on the planet for free?) and probably crafted using exploited labor, the thing that really sucks is they are marketed by a "mompreneuer".  I'm not going to call out the company right now because a) I'm sure you can read the picture and b) I'm not trying to ruin her Google because she's just trying to put food in her kids' mouths like the rest of us but beware of the pants, dudes. If you see these, do not buy them. They reek.

This is not a case of a mom hitting success on the baby fashion market and outgrowing her britches so much that she has to outsource production to China. Not that that's a good thing, but big companies do it all the time. No, this is a case of the product coming from China to begin with and a small business owner setting up shop, importing, having no scruples when it comes to quality, marking them the hell up, and then feeding us a story about how she's just a little mom making cute baby pants.

Liar, lair, little pants on fire!

I mean, is that all it takes to make it? I've been thinking about the world all wrong. I thought success took a creative mind, hard work, a little luck and delivering a product people want to buy. Well then. Now that I know the truth, welcome to my boutique . . .


(And in case you are in the market for cute baby duds that are designed and handcrafted by a mom right here in the old US of A while her little people toddle around her feet, I urge you to make a stop here. Those baby pants smell divine! Well. Until the baby takes over. Yes, she is my friend and no, she didn't pay me to send you there.)


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