World's worst mom puts Rasinets in Easter basket

Are you ready PARTY? Don't even think you can rock as hard as this mom. Not only did I spend 40 minutes deliberating over the least evil chocolate Easter bunny in the candy aisle, but I ended up choosing the "healthiest" one in the ugliest packaging and I'm not even putting it in their baskets. I'm going to lay it between my kids' Easter baskets and make them share it. Am I the raddest Easter bunny or what?

The cashier at Target must have thought I was crazy because I actually laughed at myself when I saw my items roll past. Here are the baddest assed, positively fun, hard core rock and roll surprises in store for my kids on the Christmas of Spring:

- Raisinets
- A safety helmet
- Organic fruit snacks
- A pizza cutter
- A watering can
- Annie's baked wheat crackers (in many colors!)
- Mulch

Just call me Gene Simmons! To my credit, the mulch is for the gardening we're going to do together. Um, maybe that's not much of a defense. Alright, it's official. I'm a nerd.

I wonder what form of rebellion my kids will invent in their teens? I hope it's reckless sex with a worthy partner because if it's high fructose corn syrup or gun-ownership, my head might fall off.


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  • Haha, I love it. We got a little bit of chocolate, but it's mostly gardening stuff too (we live in an apartment, but she gardens a lot with my mother in law and loves it). We are also putting stickers and pennies, nickles, dimes, and a quarter into some eggs and hiding them, we are learning about counting money!

  • In reply to Erin:

    GREAT idea with the coins. This morning Bee found a penny and said, "Daddy! You can buy a lot of toys with this coin!" Dream on, kid.

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