Martha Stewart told me she hated peanut butter

When I opened my mail today I found a clipping from my eagle-eyed friend, Claire, who spotted a comment about peanut butter Martha Stewart made to Taste Of Home magazine. First of all, yes, someone sent me a real piece of mail and secondly, it contained a printed clipping of something. But back to the peanut butter and the amazing story I'm trying to tell you.

Why is this peanut butter clipping in the mail a big deal to me? Because as you may recall the heavens stood still for a moment in 2010 and I had the opportunity to ask Martha Stewart exactly one question. I was in the studio audience during an Oprah taping and for some reason between takes, Oprah let me grill Martha Stewart on if she ate peanut butter out of the jar. Her response was that no, she hates peanut butter but she does eat liverwurst from a can. The grand Martha Stewart is just like us! Eating from a can sometimes!

Is this bragging? It feels like bragging. I guess I'm just a big jerk who wants everyone to like me, but please play along. In the interview, Martha actually mentions this peanut butter and liverwurst eating-out-of-the package thing. AND. And? Not only is it mentioned, but there's a caricature of her eating peanut butter out of a jar that looks suspiciously like yours truly.

Or I'm just crazy. Or it really looks like me, which is obviously a coincidence, BUT STILL. Or Martha Stewart and I are star-crossed soul mates destined to work on Living Amazing Lives projects together! Mine will involve vegan toddler food that rarely gets all the way cleaned up and about five trillion matching sister dresses.

Martha! Call me! We'll do lunch! (Peanut butter and liverwurst out of jars, it'll be like old times!)

This is supposed to be my idol Martha Stewart, but really, it looks more like me and I'm the one who likes peanut butter. CALL ME MARTHA! LET'S EAT!

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  • Jenna--I had no idea liverwurst came in a jar....tubes were all the rage in my house! Or, pre-sliced and wrapped! In any case, I hope you get the opportunity to dine with Martha Stewart....or have a playdate with her grandkids and your kids......

  • In reply to Alison Moran:

    I actually have no idea how it comes - she's the one who eats it, not me! Come to think of it, I don't even know what a liverwurst is. I thought it was like sardines!

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