Groupon supports Chicago parks and Chicago kids

Hello Groupon, my old friend.

I was stunned and excited to learn that Chicago's own Groupon is supporting a not-for-profit that I'm affiliated with. This is mere coincidence of course, but it's still crazy cool!

Friends of the Parks and Groupon are teaming up to bring Chicago's kids on nature field trips!

From April 16-April 22, visit Groupon's Friends of the Parks page and do your part to provide Chicago elementary students with hands-on, active, outdoor environmental education experiences.

For every $10 Groupon voucher purchased, one Chicago student will take a nature field trip as part of Friends of the Parks' Environmental Education program. Every $300 raised will pay for a trip for an entire classroom.

As part of the Nature Along the Lake program, kids will hike, fish, bird-watch, and clean up Chicago's lakefront beaches.

With your purchase of a Groupon voucher, Friends of the Parks will provide Environmental Education field trips to 800 Chicago students this year. Your purchase will help pay for fishing poles, binoculars, school buses, and science equipment, giving kids a hands-on learning experience!

Groupon does not receive any money from this campaign --- every purchase is a direct donation to Friends of the Parks. In fact, Groupon is paying for all of the credit card charges, as well as donating some of their own money to Friends of the Parks on top of what we receive from our supporters.

Forgot where to click to send your ten bucks? HERE!

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