Too fat to adopt a baby?

My friend Rachel is in Ethopia right now adopting her new sons. The big brown eyes and footie jams in the picture she posted on Facebook are making my brain nothing but mush. Buh-Stell can't even walk yet but babies are like pieces of pizza: The first one is inhaled, the second one is savored and you always have your eye on a third.

This led me to poke around on the interwebz at adoption stuff. I picked China for my imaginary adoption exploration because a little man captured my heart at an orphanage there in 2004. Coo over him now . . .


I learned that unlike my circumstances when I was in Beijing, I now meet all the requirements to adopt from China. That is I am over 30, have a household income of at least $50,000 and I have managed to not become a felon. Yay adult me!

One requirement to adopt from China is a little troubling though. A prospective parent's BMI cannot exceed 40. Wow, it is possible to be too fat to adopt!

Considering the alternative fate of many orphans in China is to starve to death in a "dying room" doesn't it seem a little picky for adoption agencies to care about he pant size of willing parents?

Advice to overweight prospective adoptive parents: Consider Vietnam. It doesn't matter to them if you're old, fat or poor they realize you can still love a baby.

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  • To answer your question from twitter, no, the China salary requirement wouldn't be a deal-breaker. My woman can earn more or earn less than me, just watch that BMI!

    btw, now that I'm on twitter, I'm soooooooooooooooo conflicted over where to leave comments.

  • Def leave comments here. I'm not sure other people can see the condo or jump in on Twitter. Can they? I'm so lost.

    Are we Facebook friends? I don't know who I know at this point!

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