Lazy mom's Christmas unbirthday party

When my daughter turned two, it was a big deal. Big! We rented a play gym, did a whole Hungry Caterpillar thing with details down to her hand sewn dress and ridiculous cake that took me days to make. I'll just dust my shoulder off and tell you I was a fabulous mom that year.

This year, not so much. Last year I was ambitiously pregnant and feeling guilty about Bee's last hurrah as The Center Of Everything.  Nesting instincts helped to execute the well-coordinated birthday stunt. But this year? I have a baby and too many things to carry. So when Bee's third birthday rolled around yesterday, we decided on a low key playdate party with just her cousins and a friend or two. What I'm trying to say is I'm tired. Also lazy!

But you can have a great party even if it's small. Right? It's in the details! I love details! I just don't like paying $500 for a giant play space, hauling cakes and presents around town or moving the furniture to squish 50 people into my city (read: tiny) living room then spending three days mopping. So I present to you my new concept for toddler birthdays: the well-appointed, albeit sparsely populated, play date party.

First, we picked a theme. Bee is a Christmas baby, so we have to make sure it screams BIRTHDAY while still taking advantage of the season (okay, that part is for me, mwahahah!) Also, it has to be gender neutral since my girl likes to hang around dudes. *scratches head* Ah, a peppermint tea party! The boys can wear these mad hatter candy cane hats and we can do lots of peppermint details. Boom.

All this went off yesterday morning and by nap time we were cleaned up with the dishwasher humming. High five, Lazy!


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  • That looks way fun! Also, forget R-rated facebook posts, we're going to start having to post Elf alerts, that was a near disaster. "MY ELF! IN THE COMPUTER!" Whoops. No more blog reading with the kid around until Christmas is over apparently.

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    Confession. My friend and I took some slutty Elf pics the other night. WILL NOT POST!

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    Are you kidding me with the lazy talk? I threw balloons on the floor, invited some people over during the week, and forgot to pull out the dried out cupcakes. Happy 1st birthday Sadie. Fail.

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    Watch out, you're giving me ideas for February!

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    Hee hee. It looks beautiful. :)

  • Sweet, that’s definitely what I was hunting for! You just spared me alot of looking around.get your nice Christmas dress for baby dress

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    Lovely party. You have such a beautiful daughter. Could you please give the link you used for the homemade playdough? I've been wanting to make some and that looks nice. I'll wear gloves to save my nails. Oh wait my nails look awful. LOL

  • Thanks! I couldn't find the exact recipe I used, but this one is very close:

    I think it was 5 cups flour, 2.5 cups of salt that I used. I'd recommend gel food coloring, adding scented oil and of course sparkles!

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