Brother Husbands

The whole premise of TLC's show Sister Wives is that four women share one man and split household duties. My husband has to put up with a lot from me, so maybe I could pitch the idea of bringing in a few men so no one has to handle me alone. Seriously, my list of man chores is exhausting (call the gutter cleaner, press exactly one button to operate the coffee maker etc.)

I present to you my candidates for Brother Husbands.


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  • Now that my husband is out of commission for several weeks with a broken leg, I could totally use a Brother Husband! Duties would include taking out the trash and bringing up the laundry (really anything involving the 3 flights of stairs we live on top of). Also being there for me to foist the children on him when I have clients or I just need some time alone.

  • In reply to Christine Whitley:

    Ah, a manny! Might I suggest Mrs. Doubtfire? (A movie whose premise would not be possible if trusting children to strange men were the norm ;) Hey! I had to say it!

    *sucker punch*

  • These guys are my idols.

  • Burt Reynolds

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