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Sixty years ago, half of all babies' names fell in the top ten most popular category. That is to say there were a lot of Johns and Marys. Even in 1986 there were five Jennifers in my Kindergarten class.

But now, parents are getting more "youneek" with the spelling and reach of the baby names they choose in this ever-competitive, capitalist world where you are your brand. Think about it. If you're an employer and you met six Jennifers with long straight hair and one curly Hazelle with a show-stopping profile picture on LinkedIn, who would you remember? Maybe we can all answer a phone and file, but Hazelle's getting this.

I had a discussion with photographer Michael Schacht from 312 Elements the other day who believes your face is your logo. You are your brand. When you present the world with your LinkedIn, Twitter, blog and any other social media including your Gmail picture, the profile pic should represent the best version of you. His advice? Have professional head shots taken. (My advice? Do your hair.) That goes for anyone. Even you, Doppleganger*.

Mike is a good samaritan because his message is if you don't hire him, hire someone to make you look good online. I had the opportunity to experience a professional photo shoot at the hands of this man and I painfully learned two things: car windshield-sized lights a foot from my face is not comfortable and never take cold medicine before a photo shoot. Dry eyes, people! You don't want them!

312 Elements is in the chill part of the loop in a brick building that is half hipster loft, half fraternity lounge. Big leather couches and a giant flat screen for proof-viewing are just steps away from the photography set-up. I waltzed in, took my seat for a chat and quickly stepped in front of the camera. All of 20 minutes later I was finished.

Skeptical these pictures would turn out well due to my ugly cold and general post-baby-not-twenty-fiveness, I winced when he showed me the proofs. But hot damn on rice! You know, he did work a little magic with that giant light. I'm not too bad. Right? Kinda milfy maybe? No? Well, I guess I'll let you judge for yourself.

Click here to vote on which picture I should use for my "personal brand". One vote will earn you a slot in drawing for a free photoshoot with 312 Elements Photography so that your face can look as good as possible for your personal brand. In my opinion, this service is worth every penny of the $150 value, but hey, maybe you get it on the house.

Additional entries can be earned through "liking" High Gloss And Sauce or 312 Elements Photography on Facebook and leaving a comment on this post. You may also get an entry by promoting this on your own blog.

Good luck!

*UPDATE- I totally forgot to tell my doppleganger story. I met a girl once who was my identical twin, except she was the version if I had never had my teeth fixed or learned the magic of make-up. It was like looking in a very scary mirror. You see lots of bizarre things on the streets of NYC, but your own homely doppleganger is terrifying. Okay, carry on.

Jenna Myers Karvunidis

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  • Here's what I want to know: do they do your hair and makeup and tell you what to wear? Because I know I can rely on a good photographer to photoshop my irregular eyebrows but I am hopeless when it comes to all the rest!

  • In reply to Christine Whitley:

    Unfortunately, you do all the styling on your own. Maybe we could suggest that they have stylist on call? What a great idea!

  • I vote for #2 and that has nothing to do with my poop fixation (as in, all I do is wipe it up:) But as for me doing this, I am going the opposite direction and having Mikey take my pic because maybe someone will take pity and give me a free makeover. Genius! And that's my kind of branding- but for you #2 is the best.

  • Only I have the power and expertise to decide what is or what is not considered "milfy" on ChicagoNow...........and the 3rd one is milfy.

    By the way, what does zoomama mean about her poop fixation?

  • In reply to gwill:

    I have a toddler and a baby and it is ALWAYS about poop. My conversations always come back to it in some way or another- very sad I know:)

  • In reply to gwill:

    She's into scat.

  • Shoo-bee- doo-bee-doo

  • Good source for a blog entry here Jenna

  • In reply to Sigil:

    Thank you, Sigil. I have certainly taken that to heart. Such a tragic topic and deserving of attention indeed. Let me get to work.

  • fb_avatar

    Hey Jenna! I'm trying to find your article about keeping men out of the preschool - what happened to it? I'm writing an article about fear in America and would love to ask you some questions.


  • In reply to FamilyonBikes Vogel:

    I decided keeping it up was too controversial and detrimental to the safety of my family.

    Please be aware copies available elsewhere online may have been edited.

    To be clear, my words have been taken out of context on other sites. I never urged men to not be in preschools, nor did I call for a ban or force policy at my daughter's school. Thank you.

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