The Marty party - bottoms up for the park!

A huge 7-foot-tall thank you to Marty (seriously, dude is Paul Bunyon) of Marty's Martini Bar today for hosting The Friends Of West Edgewater Park fundraiser today.

You know those handful of blissful, perfect summer nights we had this year? Well the park board I'm on has a knack for scheduling meetings on those nights, so we spent those glorious, fleeting days sweltering in each other's kitchens raising $23,000 to save the neighborhood from a putrid, abandoned building sitting among us.

For anyone confused, I sit on a board for an organization trying to tear down an old hospital at 5700 N. Ashland in Chicago. We want a park, damn it, and we want it bad. This stupid eye sore has been vacant nearly 10 years and it's high time we knock it down and serve the community with the space. The property itself is in the middle of a legal fiasco, but that doesn't mean the area should continue to suffer.

So the Friends of West Edgewater Park formed. We raised money, awareness, conducted a design charrette and secured a promising vote on the ballot last February. Yet the alderman refuses to listen and we cannot act alone!

Are you there, Alderman O'Connor? It's me, park mom. And my peoples. Begging for action. We secured 87% support on a referendum during the Feb 22 election ballot, hosted a design charrette with the community over the summer to gauge interest and we have motivation. (Also a few Parktinis down the hatch from Marty's.)

Let's destroy that eye sore and make a beautiful Chicago!


Jenna Myers Karvunidis

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  • Off topic, but wanted to say you handled the whole bathroom/men's rights thing very well. Nicely done. I don't have a kid yet, but when I do, my kid's safety will be paramount over everything, don't care what people call me or what they might do. I'll have a "f*ck-the-world" mentality when it comes to protecting my kid, don't care who/what I "offend."

  • In reply to gwill:

    Thanks, Gwillikers. Being a parent makes you eight feet tall and made of steel when it comes to defending your baby. You'll be an awesome dad one day!

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