Chicago's new mom salon has a babysitting service - Come, judge my feet

I take my kids everywhere. Grocery store, bank, hair salon. If I go, they go. This isn't because I'm a stinky hippy, it's because I have a husband who works 80 hours a week and if I want food, money or Stepford porn hair I have to bring my circus with me. Usually it's cool. Nearly three years ago it just meant that an eight pound baby was buried under my coat. But these days, I'm rolling three deep and shoving bananas in mouths just to get through life. Tiring! Which was why I was delighted with the opportunity to try out a salon with a babysitting service.

Urban Mom Salon (2143 N. Damen, Chicago) has the concept down right: a clean, secure nursery staffed by screened childcare professionals on one side and a spa salon on the other. Brillz! It reminds me of other grand marriages like laundromats with tanning beds and beer hats (it's a hat! it's a beer!)

My plan was to get a blow out because I had a photoshoot scheduled for the next day (a tale you will hear ALL about tomorrow - yikes!) but there was some glitch with the stylist, so I wound up getting a pedicure instead. I would have gotten a manicure, but even with the nursery just ten feet away, those kids weren't staying in there forever. Car seats and the banana habit we've got going would have ruined that in a snap.

I suppose a lady of leisure could stick around to actually let her nails dry, you know, like you're supposed to and maybe even let her kids marinate with the nanny an extra five minutes but for me, it was time for dinner and to hit the road. I was pretty pleased with my toes though. They are in Urban Mom Salon's signature color even though the trend these days is army colors. Yup, army green toes, people. Does that mean grunge is back? Aw, hell.



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    I thought you surprised me before but i will give you the award for most disgusting lady I've read recently!

    hope you enjoy your elitist belief as your Stepford porn hair salon while the husband slaves for another 80 hour week.

    Letting you do what exactly? Hair mom porn service, (from what sounds of it) a more expensive grocery, porn hair, child care, beer hat(....? seriously, what the fuck? Sounds like a safe parent eh?)but i would be of the same mind if I could use my kids for

    Also, let me guess this safe "urban Hair Mom Salon" is better because why? no male genitalia? Sorry ma'am but most victims i know were not by these demons called Me but by the same such gender as you claim to be superior.

    Also what I can not understand for the life of me is that in an earlier blog you pasted that parents should spend more for a child's lunch but because your hubby works 80 or so hours you also brag of going to Urban Moms( for beer no doubt.. talk about unsuccessful parenting eh? or the fact that immediately after it was straight to the "Photoshop Schedule").

    Yeah, yeah try to convince me you were a good parent by shifting blame/complaints to the staff then actually take the brunt of the actual development up you child/children and may some one actually teach them.

    I use to love Chicago for the Blues Brothers, Nostalgia Critic, (Blues for instance) and so many more....

    But you put a blight upon that proud heritage. Hell, I'd rather proclaim my love to meat and Satan then let this propaganda go on.

    Remember Thank Satan For the Delicious Meat!

  • In reply to Adam Mason:

    I think you're confused. Did you think I was drinking beer from a hat while getting my nails done? That sounds like a rad plan, but no, there was no alcohol involved in this salon visit. I just like beer hat jokes.

    I'm SO SAD you're not moving to Chicago. You sound so nice.

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    In reply to Adam Mason:

    Everything I've read form such "lady" is repulsive, objective, elitist, sexist, misandrist, vile, and hateful.. I've read more uplifting from material Mien Kampf then this self righteous bigot of morality of the human psyche..


  • I just have to add that I am oddly flattered that you think I Photoshopped my toes.

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