Your baby is not that amazing. Wait 'till you meet Tavi.

Someone born in 1996 is a legit fashion writer, appearing in the New York Times and recognized by Vogue. (Don't you feel so accomplished? Me too!) Her name is Tavi Gevinson and she started a fashion blog in 2008 at the age of 11 and sprung to another level of fame this month by being the subject of Lady Gaga's fashion column in V Magazine.

Now there's a wunderkind, people. And you thought your baby winning at Candyland today was the stuffs of baby geniuses.

Bee striking a victory pose.

EYE ROLL AT SELF. One of my babies throws herself on the floor when she doesn't get her way and the other one refuses to grow teeth. Compare my babies to this Tavi character and mine are like spiteful invalids with extra thumbs.

So what does this mini moda Tavi Gevinson do that is so fabulous? Well, for starters she has a dark side. She's into Twin Peaks, Ouija boards and apparently channeling the stylings of V Nasty, the other pint-sized critter taking over the world of white girl rap (even if by proxy). Exhibit yes:


Left, V Nasty; Right, baby blogger Tavi Gevinson

But she's also a whiz bang with her camera and actually fits into the vintage dresses she finds in thrift shops. I suppose that could be said of all of us, except our generation got fat what with all our fast-fooding and Oprah-watching. I digress. So this 10th grader buys old dresses and concocts fun outfits. Then she photographs them and the world is at her door.

Okay, my kids are two and zero. Let's try their hand. Girls, pick an outfit and use mommy's camera to photograph yourself.

um, Girls?

Scratch. I'll dress the girls and we'll hire Studio 63 Photography to take our picture. Ah, much better.


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  • I find Tavi really precocious and annoying! She just luvs the 90's a little too much. She's all about Doc Martens, chokers, etc. Anyway, I'm pretty sure she is being endorsed by Jane Pratt, so there ya go. Tavi wins, and I am still sitting at home drinking wine and watching The Bachelor. LOVE your blog by the way!

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