Five minute vegetarian enchiladas - I'm an inventor!

I invented something huge. Beast. They're gonna name new elements after me once this gets out*.

I'm not sure how familiar you are with making enchiladas, but it involves frying corn tortillas, stuffing them, and baking the whole mess in enchilada sauce covered in cheese. That is a lot of work. Plus clean up of grease splatters. No thanks! But you can be a lazy mom like me and whip up some easy street enchiladas like this. You will need:

- A package of hard taco shells because hello, it's already a fried corn tortilla

- Filling of choice, in my case a can of black beans, a can of corn and a package of fake meat crumbles

- Enchilada sauce (mine was from a can because I'm a classy sort)

- Shredded cheddar cheese

- Taco seasoning packet or a shake of Adobo seasoning, which all high-brow moms have on hand

Pour a layer of enchilada sauce in a pan. Then stuff the tacos with your stuffins (one spoon of corn, one spoon of black beans, one spoon of fake meat if you are so inclined). Sprinkle with a little taco seasoning, top with more enchilada sauce and cover the whole pan with cheese. Bake on 350 for like 15-20 minutes. Boom! Enchilada town!

I love meals that look like I actually worked, when in reality I just laid on the floor and kissed my babies all afternoon.

Since I forgot to take a picture of this ridiculously good enchilada invention, you'll have to settle for this cartoon I drew. My friend Michelle said I needed to bring back my cartoonin' because I can sketch a pretty good George Bush. For now, I'll just do my husband's face when he ate dinner:


* "they" being my kids and "elements" being baby dolls and plastic dinosaurs on my floor

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  • Now to improve things for you for next time! Use this recipe for the sauce (substitute veggie broth for chicken broth to make it vegetarian):

    Do not use packaged taco seasoning ever again. Ever. I command thee by the Mexican cooking gods to go out and buy cumin and chili powder. Also, use fresh peppers (serranos or poblanos for this recipe) and tomatoes.

  • In reply to Lindsey:

    Ha, I used Adobo seasoning - I just suggested the packets for those at-home players. Hm, although I do have cumin and chili powder, so I'll do that next time. Thanks!

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