My toddler wants The Breast Feeding Doll

Back to school sale! Christmas in July! Usually this means I stock up on 65 cent crayon boxes because hey, my kids are babies. They're happy to tear into anything on Christmas morning so I may as well score some cheap Santa swag when it's on sale. However, we've run into a snag. The Breast Milk Baby.

There was an article in today's Trib about this doll that simulates breast feeding. I'm sure you've heard of it. I guess the only news is a) it's coming to the States pending some marketing thing and b) my two-year-old wants one. Now. Yesterday. (Which is possible, despite the US marketing delay.)

We figured this out when I showed her the picture to see what she thought. "Look baby, a doll that drinks breast milk!" Say no more. Now she can't stop talking about it. MAMA PLEASE! PLEASE MAMA! I heard for an hour after showing her the paper. She carried it around with her and begged me to make it pop off the page.

I have to say, I think it's a fine idea. And why not? I breast feed her sister and it's not like the doll is going to latch on her her real flesh. I really don't get why this thing is such a big deal. Oh, because it's puritanical America where water is flat, coffee is weak, wine is for alcoholics and breast milk is for sexxy perverts. So ridiculous.

I love this doll! It might even occupy my toddler long enough for me to actually breast feed. I just need to find some pretend cloth diapers and fake mashed organic produce for it and it's a full-effect fake Stella.

Wait. This just in. Apparently there is a wave of underground knitters making "birthing dolls" and the market has responded by mass producing MamAmor, the birth-giving doll. There, I draw the line.


PS- Likes and Tweets are back on this site. YAY!

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  • I don't get it. So it's a doll that makes noise? And that's worth $89? No thanks. My toddler has successfully "breastfed" all of her babies and I don't think we've spent more than maybe $12.99 on a single one of them. AND none of them make annoying noises, require a special vest for her to play with, or need batteries. I always thought that one of the benefits of breastfeeding was saving money, so spending almost $100 on a doll that breastfeeds seems kind of counter productive.

  • You make a great point about the cost. I had a similar curiosity about why a cloth diaper would be priced at $60.

    Then a light bulb came on - clothing is far more expensive than it "needs" to be (can't we cover our bodies with packs of Haynes t-shirts and Dollar Store jeans?) and thus diapering and feeding can be occasions to celebrate our various tastes.

    Sure, you don't HAVE to spend $20 on a baby outfit, or $50 or $100, but people do. Cloth diapering and breast feeding are not only about savings, it's just another benefit :)

  • Seriously, I don't see the problem either. We sell dolls with bottles and dolls that piss and shit. Why not? It's not like they are selling it with an SNS feeder so they can get the full effect of let-down.

  • In reply to Erinclot:

    Ha, at least it's not a "period-getting" doll or "Midwestern Menopausal Barbie" who toots, sprouts chin hairs and guzzles white zin.

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    If it came with a Medela Pump In Style my BOYS would be all over it.

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    I totally agree with you Jenna, and Beth! I have no issues with a breastfeeding doll, but in our house, any old doll will work :)

    And I have to add a thanks to Jenna - Livie walked in while I was reading this, and we have now successfully answered the question, "How will baby Logan get out of mom's tummy?" ;)

  • In reply to Rebecca Petersen:

    Sorry baby Livie. I just ruined your future sex life.

  • I think the doll is stupid. I don't like it. But i dont like any toy that takes so much imagination away from children. My kiddo has picked up all kinds of dolls in our house and "breastfed" right along with me while i feed her little sister. She uses her imagination to do so. She is stimulating her mind. This doll and its slurping noises while the baby eats, leaves nothing for my kid to learn and imagine.

    Now that crochet doll is a bit sccary!

  • The only thing I find offensive is the price! My sisters and I successfully "breastfed" all of our dolls. And I know for a fact that they did not cost $89 and make noise. My advice, pocket the cash, and use it for when Miss Bianca turns 8 and starts begging for one of those American Girl dolls. My Madeline wants one and I think those prices are crazy too!

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