Is email for old people?

I don't hang around a lot of kids. Well, I suppose all I do is hang around kids, but they are under three years old and think I'm rad. But being just out of my 20's myself and married to an, ahem, "man of distinction" means that whole 18-25 crowd isn't on my radar. What are those kids doing? Raving? See, I have no idea.

Yesterday I met the first 18-year-old I've interacted with in awhile. He was sort of a mythical thing - half man, half child.  Like a centaur mixed with a unicorn in sunglasses. Legend has it our babies grown into these type of kids - physically ravishing, completely stupid yet oddly plugged in. This one in particular was wearing some sort of ironic, plaid nerd shirt and kept looking at his phone. Someone asked him if he was emailing and the most LIKE DUH look crossed his face and he soured, only old people email. I was fascinated.

Apparently digital natives - people born during the late 1980's and after, who have had access to digital technology their entire lives - see email as formal. It represents government, jobs, parents and the type of communication one avoids if possible. Ah. Email is for The Man!

According to the young Adonis the other day we're supposed to be texting, Facebooking, Twittering and, this is weird, actually talking on the phone. Say WHAT?

I thought talking on the phone was passe? I was glad to see it go because I truly hate having conversations with disembodied voices. I always end up spacing out (or checking my email) then getting caught when I laugh at the wrong time. But I guess to be cool these days you have to dial people. Boo.

Well I'm not quitting my email habit. I enjoy long, formal, government-seeming making fun of everything that only email can provide. So nyah.



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