UPDATE! Images from the DeKalb nurse-in

Apparently the nurse-in held outside a shop in DeKalb whose owner, John Rapp, incurred the wrath of local lactating mamas when he refused to allow a nursing mother feed her child in his store Tuesday, was a success. Over 40 people RSVP'ed to the event and by the looks of things, they showed up. Curiously the photographs don't show too much actual nursing but lots of signs. 
The shopkeeper had his own counter-point signs that read, "Support John's Property Rights!" Which is kind of hilarious considering he actually broke Illinois law. 
Anyway, on with the show . . .

Images posted with permission from Jennifer Moore Photography


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  • I can't beleive that guy was trying to stand up for his rights! What a d-bag. I love that all the ladies showed up at his store.

  • Where is the picture of your boobs?

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    I didn't go to the nurse-in. I yanked these from the girls who did! Although, maybe I should post a pic of my boobs anyway. You know. For support ;)

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    For sure.

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    My God, this is probably one of the funniest things I've read on ChicagoNow....can you image the gall of this guy, in this day and age?!

    If Mr. John Rapp is reading this, gwill has this message to say to him:

    "I support boobs. I support what boobs do. I support what boobs stand for. I support how boobs look like, with all their faults. I'm that shoulder that boobs can cry on. I'm that arm that boobs can lean on when they get tired. I'm those soft words that whisper sweet nothings in the boobs' ears when they feel alone at night. I'm that warm blanket which embraces the boobs when they feel frightened after watching the Human Centipede. I am on the side of boobs, always and forever, amen, and if you don't like it, Mr. John Rapp, then you sir, are probably an asshat. Long live the boobs."

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    Two things: I love the "b(.)(.)b man" onesie so much! I wonder if they make them Joe sized. And I can't believe those women didn't think to make that sign say "Honk for HONKERS" duh

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