Gwillikers! Is commenter Gwill getting his own blog?

As the Chicago Now community has long known, there is a certain glow to getting zinged by gwill, the notorious blog commenter responsible for some of the finest gems in all of blog commentary. Observe.

 On a naked bike ride: "Whenever hipsters and perverts unite an angel gets its wings"

 On a mob of angry lactating mothers: "I support boobs. I support what boobs do. [...] I'm that warm blanket which embraces the boobs when they feel frightened after watching the Human Centipede."
 On the sad state of graffiti in Chicago: "This wasn't done by a gangbanger. This was done by a Christian zealot, reppin old-school Gnosticism. What clearly gives it away is the zealot converted the letter "u" to replace the vowels o and e, just as in ancient Aramaic" 
But is he getting his own blog? YES! I think. There have been rumblings that he'll start after the launch of the new site June 30, but we have yet to see a working title or any hints at theme. My top guesses are pimpin', ballin' and discovering the subtext of lost languages.
Long live Gwill!
Have you been gwilled?

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  • Ooh, I hope so! Can't wait to comment on it!

  • In reply to KimStrickland:

    Exactly, I can't wait to jennawill him.

  • In reply to KimStrickland:

    If your husband knew how good-looking I was, he wouldn't be thrilled with all this love.

    Nonetheless, thank you, with all sincerity.

  • In reply to KimStrickland:

    I AM THE ROOSTER gwill, you are the eggman.
    No contest.

  • In reply to theneek:

    Cock fight!

  • In reply to theneek:

    gwill better not get so busy blogging that s/he doesn't have time to comment!

  • What kind of a jackass would give this guy a blog?

  • In reply to Jimmy Greenfield:

    ZiNG! Boss man Jimmy jumps in the game!

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