Free school for the whole universe! Word.

Potty training muckin' up your road trip plans? Kids chapping your ass about having to sit in their stroller? Broken glass salting your day at the city beach? Solution -  Stay home and learn calculus! 

Thanks to a giver named Salman Khan, who quit his high-paying corporate gig to start a free school for the world called Khan University, all your nerd dreams of learning about quadratic inequalities and neuronal synopses can come true. All for free!
Khan, who addresses crowds as "ya'll", sees a vision for humanity in which those who want to learn, can. He began putting together higher math lesson plans for his academically struggling cousin (who says it doesn't pay to slack?) and was inspired to create a thriving online university with lessons, demonstrations and interaction for anyone who is interested in getting an education. 
Go! Put down that margarita! Drink in some polynomials! You have no excuse now to not have no book learnin'.
And if you still can't hack math, get ahead the old fashioned way. Cheat. The Official Filthy Rich Handbook is on sale.
Thanks, Chris!

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  • Can I drink a margarita WHILST learning polynomials? Because THAT might be the cat's meow! :)

  • In reply to mpurkis:

    Me, I'm an integrals and shots kind of lady. Make mine a double!

    (Oh, math jokes. They do write themselves.)

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