Damn you, calorie counter. I'm hungry!

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Dammit. I'm out of calories for today and I'm hungry. I hate you, My Fitness Pal. You have an answer for everything, don't you?? Raisins are high in calories. So are peas! So was that entire box of macaroni I inhaled before trying to cheat the system by logging "food preparation" as exercise. (By the way, twenty minutes of food preparation is worth 42 calories. Take THAT, website. HA HA HA!)

Sure, you made things easy when I was fat. When I was a swollen lump of a woman who could barely walk after giving birth, you gave me all the calories in the world. But then I got (almost) skinny again and apparently smaller people can't eat as much food. WHY? Just because a person loses 40 pounds, you take away their calories?? You make them starve? YOU ARE EVIL. Your heart is black and you laugh at special kittens, don't you?! Rude.

That's it. I'm cracking open a beer. 110 calories will fill me up and even give me a little buzz. I wonder if lifting the beer to my mouth counts for anything? I mean, it weighs twelve ounces and lifting it to my mouth is practically a bicep curl.  Also, I really exerted myself mixing that cookie dough yesterday.

fatty mama cakes.png I have been so busy. EATING. Sorry for not posting for like a week.

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  • Oh yes - this was me yesterday too. I ate SO good all day - fruits and veggies and salads and protein...then 7pm rolls around, 1200 calories have been eaten, and my stomach is GROWLING! And so am I! GRRRR So I ate, and refused to log what I ate...today I'm back on the wagon :)

  • Jenna, this is Hope. Steve and I just read this and we are cracking up... you make us laugh. It just got us motivated to go to the fitness center, maybe I'll even lift a beer when I'm done...

  • In reply to erinh:

    Get that beer, Hope!

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