Daddy vs. Rooster

You know how people look like animals? (Mariah Carey has always reminded me of a koala.) Well in honor of Father's day, we're going to compare my husband to a rooster. 

1. Has coiffed hair, pointy feet. You think I'm mean because I say this. You are wrong! It's just a fact! He spends a lot of time with a blow dryer and more money at the salon than I do. As for the shoes, they are pointy. I didn't make it so. How can you deny these are roosterlike qualities? Just say AMEN and let's move on.
Picture 28.png
2. Struts. Every morning before he goes to the office, he works the hallway like a runway. Pose! Face! Strut! Pose! Face! Face! FACE! I think roosters do that too. At least the ones one TV.
3. Up at the crack of dawn. My husband gets up with the sun and makes coffee, reads the paper and does stuff generally reserved for infants and farm animals  . . . like extreme noise-making at early hours. Cock-a-diddle-DADDY. He's the loudest man you ever met in your life, and an exciting one.
4. Is the daddy of chicks. See the happy faces below? Two girls in love with their pop? Lucky ducks indeed!
Happy Father's day, Niko!

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  • Wowza, I feel so honored. Almost as cool as getting gwilled!

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