Believe in your boobs? Head to a "nurse-in" in DeKalb!

There's about to be a show down folks. A suburban shop owner is under fire for violating Illinois law and offending the breast feeding masses by ordering a customer to stop feeding her child in his store or vamoose on Tuesday.

John Rapp, owner of No Strings Attached, a resale shop located in downtown DeKalb is about to eat his words - perhaps in the bathroom of his store as he suggested to his breast feeding patron - because dozens of lactating mothers are expected to descend upon his store tomorrow at 11:00, breasts bare and nursing in the sunshine.
The "nurse-in" was organized after 21-year-old breast feeding patron Nichole Eidsmoe took to Facebook to air her grievances against the shop owner. After saying he didn't want her to "do that" in his store, he added, "you could have used the bathroom in the back, but now I just want you to stop or leave".
Aw, he didn't! Nipples will be out and it will be a sea of breast milk flowing tomorrow, June 2, at 248 East Lincoln Highway in DeKalb. There's a 40% chance I'll be there shaking both tatas in the wind and a 60% chance I have to stay here and do my other full-time hippy jobs, pandering for the park effort and washing my cloth diapers. 
See you there, Chicago? 
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