Gender reveal party haters! What you got against cake?

Me, I like to party (see previous). Oscars? Sure, I haven't seen the movies, but I'll don a hat and eat movie style popcorn in a living room. Superbowl? Not a huge football fan, but I bring the magic every here and yay with some brews and a navy/orange eye make-up combo. Spring Martha from Jail parties? Oprah's never coming back so let's dance parties? Block parties, deck patries, mock the royals parties and theme parties of all kinds? LOVE THEM!

So I don't understand why are people hating all over gender reveal parties.
A bakery in New York has upped its business lately by selling "gender reveal' cakes to expectant parents. 
Sayeth the New York Post . . .
Instead of hearing the news firsthand, an expectant mother will ask her doctor to jot down the baby's gender on a slip of paper and seal it in an envelope. The woman will then take her envelope to a baker, who will open it privately and decorate the inside of the cake with blue or pink frosting, according to instructions. (MORE)

The parents may be happy with the festivities, but the commenters are a bunch of party-hating grinches. "Narcissism!" one declared and another said it made her depressed. 

Listen, baby makin' and havin' and raisin' ain't no walk through the park. Nether regions all a'blast and lost sleep for two years - why not get a little joy when you can? If it's cake, let them eat cake! No one should throw salt on a damn party.

What next, haters sapping grains of joy out of people cleaning their houses? 

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Me seeing pink icing in 2008

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