Shopping is a sport. Like professional boozing.


I'm shaking. I won! I'm sweating, but I won and winning is what matters. It was an emotional rollercoaster but a combination of mental prowess and quick moves got me the victory in the end. Eat it, shoppers. She who plotted and stalked and pounced at the right moment after months of study was the one who got the Jelly The Pug jumper in size 3T for $10.99. Retails for $34!
What am I prattling on about? My online shopping. Today I fed the monster of addition that I had sworn I had sworn off. I swore. No more. Never again. I was going to go back to saving my money and being off the computer. Straight and narrow. And then I just had to get an email, didn't I? An email at 8:28 AM that I opened a minute later announcing the grandaddy motherload of all online deal gettin': The Zulily Extra Stock Blow Out Event. 
An event! 
So I opened the email, flew over to the site and what ensued was frenzy to rival the Running Of The Brides on Christmas morning on an episode of Oprah's Favorite Things. The server shut down. The best items were gone. But wait! They were back because people who had reserved them gave up! And then they were gone again. And then back again because people didn't want to pay $7 shipping for just one $10 item. And then they were gone again because I snatched them up. Yup! Baby Nay, Jelly The Pug, Me Too . . . all mine.
There was a sweet toddler Ed Hardy jacket for $18.99 that retails for $76, but sometimes you have to let your darlings go. Also, Ed Hardy is for tools. It's not 2007.
Of course the only way to support an addiction is to become a dealer. You know this! So if you feel like enabling my habit, sign up for Zulily. Then get your friends to sign up and you get referral credits and we can be like those pyramid schemers except with well dressed babies. 
I'll be here, blowing on my knuckles.
Picture 365.png
Don't deny this cuteness. Come to the dark side with me!

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  • Sounds so fun! I'm trying not to get too jealous. Sometimes I get so pissed off that Canada doens't have good online shopping. But if I could just buy stuff without worrying about shipping costs, I'd be so poor. And divorced probably too. For now, I just feed my addiction (to little girls clothes) by shopping in store.

  • So cute!!! I got the skirt version from babyhalfoff!! (Lisa I'm in Canada too and the shipping wasnt to bad either!)

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