Retraction! I was wrong! BumbleRide I luvs you!

I am not a practical person (see aforementioned refrigerator vacuuming, flat shoe-wearing). If it were up to me, I'd paint everything hot red, eat nothing but cigarette smoke and coffee*, spend all my money on airfare and cute trench coats and wear heels to the beach. If I didn't have my hubs looking after me, I'd be broke and living in a pile of clothes (that's the state I was in when he found me, if you must know). It is this very personality flaw which leads to me apologize to my BumbleRide stroller. 

I trashed poor ole BumbleRide in my epic drool over the Bugaboo Donkey right here on this blog. I also trashed it to the countless strangers who have stopped to ask me my opinion of it. And my friends? All I could ever say was how heavy the freaking thing is. Hey, it was HEAVY. Sure, my kids' combined weight is around 35 pounds and my bag is about equal to that, but still, pushing a stroller shouldn't feel like like the Myth of Sisyphus.
Then today I had an epiphany at the hands of my male neighbors. The tires were flat. All FOUR of the tires on my BumbleRide have been flat since the day I got it and I had no idea. Well, duh! No wonder I thought it was heavy! In a flash, one of the dudes ran to his garage and *poof* a different dude was down there pumping and whatnot. Boom. No more flat tires. And can I just tell you, that thing is sweet!
Sorry BumbleRide! You are a dream!
german fest navy pier.png
For lack of a better visual, here is Bee at the German neighborhood thing at Navy Pier's Crystal Gardens today.
*A delicious combination I outgrew 10 years ago

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  • LOL -- I would SO do that too, not realize the wheels were flat!

    PS: "broke and living in a pile of clothes" -- that's how Joseph found me as well. :)

  • SAME thing happened to me with my cheapie and I had no clue until Tim told me!

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