Just what the worlds needs - another born again Christian.

I spend eighteen hours in my home town about twice a year. It's a six hour drive and I moved away nearly a decade ago. I'm never thrilled to be there. I got kind of a weird start in life - my parents kicked me out one hot day in June (it was a face-melter) just before my senior year of high school without so much as a packed lunch. After that, I must have worked a dozen odd jobs, landed a sweet scholarship, made some great connections and somehow wound up in Chicago with Rich Lady Problems. My life is a blessing and an unlikely one.

There is a novel of details I could insert here and one day I might, but for now, let's skip all that get to the billboard I saw yesterday when I hit the highway leaving Evansville. (I'm always frantic to get out, like everything I have in Chicago could disappear of I don't claw my way back soon enough). It was a picture of a face I would recognize any where and three words: I am Second. 
Safely tucked back in my home in the city after the trek, I cuddled up to a glass of wine late last night and did the Google. Then I saw that familiar face in motion telling his story in a video, one about losing his wife to cancer. I know these people - parents of an old friend of mine - and I can picture the home in which he lived this horror. We used to eat pizza there and do crafts at the kitchen table.
It turns out I am Second is an inclusive Christian movement. Not one that hates gays or uses the thought police to judge people's every move. I hate that crap. I'm a liberal, if you haven't noticed, and while decisions I would make for myself are different than those I tolerate, it doesn't make me a goody goody. 
I struggle every day (or at least every third or fourth day) with resentment. Sometimes anger. I thought I was over my past and thankful for what I do have, not stuck on what I didn't or don't. Wrong. One little run down Highway 41 and the stink of my struggles washes over me like tire spray on a dirty truck route. What the hell were my parents thinking? How could someone not know where her child sleeps at night? 
I'm curious about this "I am Second" thing because it seems to welcome people like me right in. Imperfect people with stories. But wouldn't that make me the world's biggest hypocrite to embrace a born again Christian movement? I'm pro-choice, anti-gun, love the homos. Perhaps, though, the real God loves us all? 
I'll never change my politics but I might soften my opinion of born again Christianity. I really hate that term. Let's think of something new. How about, "Reconsidering Agnostics Who Are Feeling Inspired By Christianity"?
There we go.
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Business in Indiana: Meeting great-grandmamaw 
for the first time!


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  • I'm a born again Christian (getting baptised May 1st!) and am quite the liberal. Here's how I wrap my mind around it: Jesus told us to love everyone. I love gays of all shapes and sizes! Jesus didn't practice intolerance or hatefulness and it's not what he taught. It's not MY place to judge a homosexual, that's God's place only and we can only speculate based on our interpretation of the Bible how God actually feels about homosexuality. That's why it should be left up to Him and Him alone.

    I don't support abortion (though at one time I was quite pro-choice, my feelings have changed) BUT neither the dems or the republicans will ever outlaw abortion so it really is almost a non-issue. It's just a talking point every four years.

    In my opinion, being anti-guns is part of the Christian package. Why would we support a life-taking machine?! That's NOT what God is all about, and it is what perplexes me most about Christian Republicans. Well, that and the death penalty. The taking of a fetus is not okay, but the taking of a living, breathing person is?

    God DOES love us all, and we're ALL sinners - it doesn't matter what our sin is. I try to live my life the way I imagine Jesus would want us to, loving everyone, HELPING EVERYONE (ahem, liberal) and leaving the judgments up to the only person who matters.


  • In reply to chibbz:

    If all Christians were like you, it would be a fabulous world!

    You know I differ from you in one respect - abortion. I don't love it. I don't want it for anyone. To tell you the truth, I'd probably never do it myself but I can't say since I've never been in that situation. BUT. It's not up to me and it's sure as hell not up to the government.

    Congrats on your baptism!

  • In reply to chibbz:

    I am excited to see your post! We used some of the I am Second videos in our teaching, and they are great. And ALL Christians are like you, "imperfect people with stories." I love that line!

    I'm sorry you have a negative perception of Christians. Some of that is from the media (they always focus on the nutcases), but unfortunately some of that is just plain old truth. None of us are perfect, but the ones who try to put on that show and judge others really give us a bad name. Gandhi once said, "I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ." I strive to be like Christ, but I fall so short every day.

    If you want to do some more reading, I suggest Lee Strobel. I think you would like his intellectual approach. He was an atheist journalist (in Chicago!) who set out to prove Christianity to be a fraud and ended up becoming one himself. He is one of my favorite Christian authors.

    And I agree with Chelsea: God loves us all, and Jesus died for us all!

  • In reply to amyreid25:

    I second Lee Strobel! He has a great documentary called The Case for Christ (I believe it is also a book) that's available for streaming on Netflix (do you Netflix?).

  • In reply to amyreid25:

    Yes, yes, yes to Chelsea and Amy's posts! Come on now, Jenna... you know Chelsea and I pretty darn well and she and I are so alike in our faith and where we are in discovering our faith that it's uncanny. Christians get SUCH a bad name in the media, but if you actually are a TRUE Christian than you'll try and be like Jesus and love, help and accept EVERYONE. Jesus spent most of his time with criminals and prostitutes... those were his peeps!

  • In reply to AbbysMom813:

    Ha, and no offense to my own peeps but I like 'em from low places too. Myself included, obviously!

  • In reply to AbbysMom813:

    Velvet, very cool. I think that is what the I am Second peeps envisioned. Liberal, anti-gun, pro-environment, prolife, equal rights peeps seeking God and actually finding him. I don't think there is anything wrong with that. It is funny, I think anyone can say that they are seeking for God, but then when they find him, they are considered narrow minded.
    There is an awesome interview out by this Christian guy and this gay dude. Pretty legit and funny http://youtu.be/pFC0FW4qjls

  • Lol @ "Reconsidering Agnostics Who Are Feeling Inspired By Christianity," by the way.

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