My evil genius hates me and she's pretty good with crayons

Woah. I was making the craft supplies for the play group I teach which amounted to 50 stencils of an outline of a human head where the kids are supposed to make self portraits. Come on, they're two, like anything more than some scribbles and drool are going to come out of this right? To keep her from bugging me while I traced these heads, I gave one to Bianca. "Now shoo!"

She took off with her empty head, yanked her favorite crayon out of her toy room (black, of course) and went to work. Here she is scrawling away . . .
Picture 332.png

Mission accomplished on her not bugging me and yet here I am spending time documenting her life because I think she's that adorable.*sigh* I'll never win. 

I managed to get back to my stenciling and after about five minutes she comes running up to me, "MAMA! LOOK WHAT I MADE!" 
Holy crap, she handed me this:
Picture 331.png
Look, maybe I'm just a paranoid and over-proud parent but I clearly see a MAMA ANGRY in this picture. She's 27 months old and certainly has my number.
Wow. Also, rats.

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