Move over Rebecca Black, hate on Jenna Rose. Or her parents.

You know all that stuff I said about that 13-year-old kiddie singer being mass bullied? She warmed my heart because she is so sweet and wholesome, but I have a 12-year-old I'm ready to throw to the dogs. Ready for it?

This kid is TWELVE. 

Her name is Jenna Rose and she scandalous! Wow, I feel like such an old lady saying ths, but I have two daughters and if they thought they were going to dress up like pedophile targets and dare people on the internet to take pictures of them, I'd . . . I haven't even invented what I'd do. Let's just say they would be mistaken.

Ha, and my mom was mad at me for wearing baggy jeans. The 90's were great.

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  • Nuh-uh. SICK. Were in the world are her parents?!

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    In reply to chibbz:

    Wallowing in all their money they got from exploiting their daughter.

  • Ahem, WHERE*

  • omg. i love this song!!

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