Let me see that Donkey-DonKEE! Bugaboo party don't stop.

You will recall I went a little nuts with excitement about Bugaboo's double stroller coming out this spring. Hold your donkies, it's not here yet, but it will be in April and I happened to get my hands all over one fer some inspectin'.

Monday night I had the opportunity to attend a launch party for the Bugaboo Donkey at Galt Baby. What I saw was the beast in person. It's more narrow than you'd expect (I suppose anyone spending $1499 on a stroller can't also afford food, hence the skinny kids riding around in these things) and yet the toddler seats are an inch taller than the Donkey's bretheren Cameleon and Frog. 
What is the same is the Bugaboo signature turn-on-a-dime handling that I miss since having bought the Bumbleride. I used to sail down the streets, barely exerting one calorie to maneuver my stroller and now I feel a little like those ladies pushing shopping carts full of clothes around town. 
The truth is there's nothing like a Bugaboo. And no, they didn't pay me to say that. Well, unless you count them giving me a press kit that finally explains the name "Donkey". That has been driving me nuts. Here goes . . . donkeys carry a lot of cargo, are friendly, cautious, strong and faithful. Hm. Just like the Donkey stroller. Get it? Makes sense. 
Sorry, I can't really pay attention to what I'm writing because my brain just came up with a huge justification for the cost. With what I spent on the Cameleon AND the Bumbleride, I could have just beamed myself into the future when the Donkey came on the market and been done with stroller-buying since it converts back and forth between a single and a double. CRAP. My brain is my enemy.
Bugaboo's avant garde marketing device, a carousel with a bowling pin, wilted potted plant and is that a gardening hat?

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