Lefty baby - "Handedness" not apparent until after age two?

When my first daughter was about six months old she seemed to be grabbing for things with her left hand. In true first-time-mom fashion I let out a yelp. Left handed? Was my baby left-handed? Tragedy! Lefties are more accident prone! The world was made for righteys! She'd have to use the weird scissors in art class and look awkward opening doors. For shame, right?

The pediatrician chilled me out pretty quickly saying hand preference can't be determined until after the age of two. Whew, that was a close one. Imagine my baby learning to drive with a slight annoyance when starting the ignition. Oh well, maybe she was right-handed after all and besides, some cars nowadays drive themselves. I imagine cars of the future will fly away on mind power alone.
And so I was comforted. Until today when I packed my brood up for craft time at the library and lookie what I saw . . .
Picture 300.png . . .  a little lefty brain!
Apparently kids can still switch back and forth until the age of six, so time will tell if we need to pad her with bubble wrap on the way out the door to kindergarten. 

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  • LOL @ "the weird scissors". My best friend/cousin growing up was left-handed and I remember thinking that very thing about the "special" scissors she had to use that I could not make work for the life of me. My sister is left handed and we've always automatically known that she always sits on my left or else we bump elbows at the table. Make a note for future family dinners - Bee to the left of Stella! :)

  • Just skip the 'weird scissors'! As a lefty myself, those things never seemed to cut as well as regular scissors... Our middle daughter turned 2 in January and she has never wavered from grabbing the Crayolas with her left hand, and I am pretty excited that there will be another lefty in the household... I've always been a bit clutzy, but I never knew it was because of my being left handed, LOL. On a brighter note, have you ever seen the statistics about how many Presidents have been lefties?

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