Leave Rebecca Black ALooOOooooNE!

I'm sure by now you've heard of this chick Rebecca Black and the viral You Tube video of her singing a song called Friday. Her parents apparently paid $2,000 to get the song and video made in an attempt to get her discovered in the music industry ala Justin Bieber.

Then the hate began. Not just gossip bloggers and the evil minions in their comment sections, but housewives on Facebook are getting in the game. It seems everywhere I look someone is pretending their ears are bleeding over this little girl's song and snorting in superiority that they indeed know the days of the week. (The song's lyrics do outline the days of the week, but hey, I have a toddler learning such things so I'm not complaining.)

What I don't understand is why everyone else is. When a little girl with an eye patch wields a light saber and gets bullied by her classmates the world jumps on her side and rightly so. Fan pages are built! Support pours in! We all stand up against big, bad, bullies - who happened to be a bunch of five-year-olds.

But when the child getting bullied is a pretty teenager with rich parents . . . well, that's different. Let's bully her ourselves! Moms and dads and assholes across the nation are raking this poor child across the coals because she dare sing a song. Yeah, like their kids are really bringing down the house in after school choir. And seriously, has anyone turned on the radio? A grown woman who looks like this:

Picture 329.png

. . . and has no vocal talent outside of Auto-Tune is topping the charts. Yet Rebecca Black is the problem with the music today?

Take a look in the mirror, Rebecca haters. It ain't her ruining the world. Rebecca Black doesn't have the money and resources to be Britneyfied and blown into your speakers on FM radio at the moment, so she doesn't have the sound you're used to, but it doesn't make her any less talented than the status quo, KESHA.

I'm glad the internet was just for nerds in 1995 because for my 15th birthday my parents got me 30 minutes of air time on cable access and a producer so I could host my own talk show. I was hilarious! I was awesome! Well, I was hilarious and awesome to the eight people who actually watched it. I'm sure if it would have been uploaded on You Tube, went viral and was thrown to the claws of parents and the world at large calling me a disease to our culture I would have been hanging by a noose and never seen the age of sixteen.

Think, people. She's a kid. Leave her alone. And I'll go try to dig up that video of me on cable access.


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  • Gimme a break...you are the exact same type of desperate housewife that would have posted the same "this song is crap" that everyone else is!!! Where do you of all people get off acting all holier than thou????

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    Would you like a little MILK with your stupid, Jenny?

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